Experience TITANIUM our Dynamic and Stylish Home Fitness Line.

Experience Functional Art attractive and durable equipment on a residential friendly footprint.

Attractive and durable equipment, built on a solid residential friendly footprint. TOP FORM, spawned in Munich Germany amidst a plethora of revolutionary forward thinkers. Highly influenced by our neighbors in the German industrial community and a long history of European innovation and design concepts, the fuse was ignited and we took off running!

Much like the innovators of the renowned German auto industry, we at TOP FORM are driven by our relentless quest to deliver performance and precision. Even back in the early 90’s TOP FORM set out to introduce lifestyle products rich in aesthetic design and functionality. Affectionately referred to as Functional Art, many of our iconic fitness and lifestyle designs helped to establish our powerful legacy, which evolved through the use of kinesiology, ergonomics and sports-biomechanics.


TOP FORM Dumbbells with: “TF-ELS” and “CPE³“ are the epitome of Functional Art. Display them proudly to beautify or accessorize your living or work space. Or use them with confidence to: Get your flex on!


The Titanium and Platinum Collections by TOP FORM, they are a knock-out! Our Boxing gear has been proving for decades that it can take a beating and look great doing so. In your corner all the way, While YOU deliver the final punch!

Sure Grip Gloves

“Sure Grip” the training gloves for sport enthusiasts. The best choice in work out gear, Hands Down. Fresh style and fine materials come together in a functional package. If you need to hold it and not drop it, you should get a grip, Sure Grip! Available in different styles and luxuriously functional materials.


“DIAMANT” Ergometers are available in Upright or Recumbent versions. These two creations lead the way as our TOP of the line cardio bikes. Decades of know-how and years of innovation rest inside of these Self-Powering Jewels. Fully electronic instrumentation and functionality, yet no power cord is needed. The magic of TOP FORM

Ergonomic Cardio Machines

Sleek, stand fest and totally ergonomic. No, its not just another bike and all home trainers are not created equally. We offer: upright bikes, recumbent position bikes and ergometers, and each have a specific duty and function. The time for heel clicking has past. TOP FORM, there is no place like home….to train.

CrossTrainer E1

“DIAMANT” CrossTrainer Ergometer our TOP of the line CrossTrainer. Decades of know-how and years of innovation rest inside of this Self-Powering Jewel. Fully electronic instrumentation and functionality, yet no power cord is needed. The magic of TOP FORM.


What’s in a Design? Design is flowing energy, passion and power. Bold Design makes a powerful statement. PHYSIS delivers a harmonious blend of strength, technical innovation and design that is pleasing to the eye. Behold, the Platinum Series…


Running laps around the competition. Sleek, powerful and bold. The epitome of what a Treadmill is supposed to be. This elegant beauty houses a surprisingly quiet 4hp beast of a motor and enough multimedia technology to jettison your experience to a new frontier. Choose from various onboard entertainment options, audio or visual all at your fingertips via 15inch touchscreen technology.


TOP FORM “TF-CPE³“ Chrome Weight Plates, a thing of beauty. It is a well-known fact that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You won’t want to take your eyes or hands off of these! The power to behold is magnificent and it’s all yours to wield as you please.

*Dumbbell Bars – Long Handle Bars – Curl Bars*

Power Collection

The muscle and body transforming tools you need to get the job done. Experience the strength and confidence of our steel frames. Luxuriate in the comfort of our thick and dense opulent cushions. All on a small foot print to compliment your space. TOP FORM’s Power Collection brings it home.


The designer fitness tower created from the perspective of wheelchair users. Conceived during a two-year design study, which involved orthopedic specialists, neurologists and highly active wheelchair athletes. TOP FORM and friends paved the way for one of the most innovative multi-functional fitness devices of its class. Timeless design and amazing flexibility: THE UNLIMITED.

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